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Leasify - a leasing ecosystem

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Leasify is a leasing ecosystem and has more than 50 market-leading and authorized service providers. As a Leasify customer you will be able to obtain business proposals from these companies next time you are seeking to purchase new products or services. Leasify can also help you find the right leasing solution for your next investment.

Leasify saves you time and money and increases your efficiency – you also get a leasing contract that works to the advantage of your company.

Leasify – a leasing ecosystem

Contact us and Leasify will help you secure effective business leasing contracts

Whether you are looking to lease a coffee machine, company car, or computers for the office, Leasify can help.

Company car

Once you’ve found the car you want to lease for your company, trust Leasify to help you get the best contract possible.

Coffee machines

How much does each cup cost? Leasify helps you get good coffee at the lowest cost.

Computers & IT

Your company needs the right hardware and software for the digital age.


Whether you need a service plan or switchboard services, Leasify can help you.


Finance through leasing and put your capital to work in other investments.

Copiers & printers

Get a clear-cut view of what a copier costs, how it is financed, and what others are paying for the same product.

Company leasing on your terms

Coffee machines, copiers, company cars, or computers are commonly leased products in a company. Leasify’s aim is to help your company secure the most favorable contracts to benefit you as the leaseholder.

Over the years, we have seen far too many companies tend to enter into costly and substandard contracts, which generally are to the disadvantage of the very companies needing the product or service. That’s why Leasify was founded.

There’s seldom time- let alone a set procedure -to review leasing contracts for products or services. This means that it can be difficult to get a clear overview of what they are actually paying for and what they are getting.

The leasing industry has a history of closed agreements – but Leasify advocates transparency. That’s why Leasify is the first on the market to offer a service designed to provide knowledge, control, and transparency to conclude sensible leasing contracts.

What is business leasing? ​

Put simply, business leasing is a means to finance products or services that you need for your company.

For companies, there are two different forms of leasing: operational leasing and financial leasing. In brief, financial leasing means that you as a company pay a fee to the company leasing the service or the product to you – in which case you as the company and leaseholder are responsible for the asset during the contract period. Operational leasing, on the other hand, means that the party that is leasing out the asset is responsible for the same. Leasify can help you if you want to improve existing contracts or sign a new one for anything from company cars to new coffee machines.

Why Leasify?​

Negotiate leasing and rental contracts through Leasify’s authorized market-leading suppliers. Leasify is a resource-efficient service that helps companies present clear and transparent offers. All starting from your specific terms and needs.

Compare suppliers

Leasify matches your needs with transparent offers from different suppliers. They contain contract term, interest rate, monthly cost, and residual value. All to make it easier to compare.

Lease from the market's leading suppliers

Lease new products and services from market-leading providers with dependable references. Leasify makes the procurement process easy. We bring you the offers, and you make the decisions.

Organise your contracts digitally

Compile all of the company’s contracts in Leasify’s smart contract folder. Leasify runs a cost analysis of your contracts, highlights deficiencies and gives you control.

More about business leasing:

How does business leasing work?

Once you have specified what you are seeking to lease, whether a company car or a coffee machine, Leasify matches your needs with market-leading providers, who will then submit offers to you. This enables you as a company to easily compare and choose the contract that suits you best. This is how Leasify simplifies business leasing and makes it work to your advantage.

Ending a lease early?

This is a question of contract law between your company and the company you have chosen to lease from. The leasing contract you signed should always include information on how long the contract extends and the possibility of ending the contract after a certain period. Then there is always the possibility of reaching a mutual agreement with the company you are leasing to end the lease early.

Assuming a leasing contract?

Whether you as a company can assume or transfer an existing leasing contract depends on what is stated between you and the company you are leasing from. If nothing is specified in your contract, it is recommended that you discuss the matter with the company you are leasing from. Usually, the company leasing out the products or services must then validate ability to pay on your part- if you are the one seeking to assume the lease -or on the part of the company to which you are transferring the lease.

Leasing cost for companies

What the actual cost will be depends first and foremost on what type of goods or services you want to lease. It is good to keep in mind that shorter contracts usually mean a higher fee. This is why Leasify gives you the option of comparing offers from several market-leading providers and choosing the contract most advantageous for you – precisely so the leasing cost for your company will be as low as possible.

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