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Lease instead of buying

Our independent experts can help you

Leasing equipment instead of buying it is a common and profitable form of financing for companies. It can sometimes be difficult to determine which type of leasing works best for your company. That is why we have independent experts who, based on your needs, can recommend the leasing solution that suits your activities and the desired product or service.

5 advantages to lease financing

Leasify – a leasing ecosystem

Optimize your contracts in one minute

We believe leasing contracts should be to your advantage when you need a particular service or product. If you agree with this, contact us to see how we can help you.

Why Leasify?​

Negotiate leasing and rental contracts through Leasify’s authorized market-leading suppliers. Leasify is a resource-efficient service that helps companies present clear and transparent offers. All starting from your specific terms and needs.

Compare suppliers

Leasify matches your needs with transparent offers from different suppliers. They contain contract term, interest rate, monthly cost, and residual value. All to make it easier to compare.

Lease from the market's leading suppliers

Lease new products and services from market-leading providers with dependable references. Leasify makes the procurement process easy. We bring you the offers, and you make the decisions.

Organise your contracts digitally

Compile all of the company’s contracts in Leasify’s smart contract folder. Leasify runs a cost analysis of your contracts, highlights deficiencies and gives you control.

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