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Simple procurement of IT for the job and the company

How it works:

All you have to do is create a request for products and services based on your needs, then suppliers submit offers on your request. Leasify brings you expertise in leasing and delivers transparent offers from market-leading providers with whom we have built solid relationships. Create a request, wait for bids, and then compare the offers. Then you will find an IT solution that suits your company at the right price.

Lease computers and improve your IT contracts

IT is an area under continuous development in all sectors and includes both hardware and software. Having expertise in both areas can prove a challenge, which often leads companies to signing unfavorable IT leasing contracts. You will receive transparent offers on the IT services and products you need, all based on your specific requirements.

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Describe your needs and we will help you improve your contracts for IT and computer solutions for your company.

Leasify - a leasing ecosystem

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We believe leasing contracts should be to your advantage when you need a particular service or product. If you agree with this, contact us to see how we can help you.

Why Leasify?

Leasify is a service that reviews the company’s existing leasing and rental contracts and helps you to procure new coffee machines, computers, cars, printers, and copiers. Today it is commonplace for companies to lease several products and services. We match your needs with transparent offers from authorized market-leading providers. Leasify simplifies procurement and improves your contracts.

Questions & answers on leasing of IT and computers

Common questions and answers relating specifically to business leasing of computers and IT equipment follow below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions you don’t find answered here.

Can we lease computers?

Of course! Today all companies are virtually dependent on computers and other IT equipment. One advantage of leasing computers is that by paying a monthly fee you can avoid becoming tied up in a lump sum to buy the computer. Computer leasing contracts often have a 3-year term; the advantage of this is that it makes it easier for you to acquire newer computers that keep up with current technological standards.

Leasing software

It's not just a question of leasing a computer so that the company can continue operating. Computers also need software, in other words the programs for the computer, such as Excel, Photoshop, or other systems. Check among resellers to see if you can find the programs you need, and then Leasify will help you with the contract.

Leasing hardware

Simply put, hardware is an umbrella term for the physical parts of the computer, i.e., everything from hard disk to RAM memory. But from a broader angle, a docking station or laptop charger can also be considered hardware, albeit accessories. But it's more common to lease accessories for your computer, like the examples we mentioned.

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