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Business leasing of cars

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It has become increasingly common for companies to lease vehicles for their employees. At the same time, we have been able to see that companies often enter costly and substandard contracts on cars leased to the company, often because the leasing industry has had a standing tradition of closed contracts instead of transparent ones.

Leasify makes it easy for you and your company to secure the best possible leasing contracts for your company car. You receive offers on the desired model of car sales car dealerships. Based on the selected car model, Leasify presents a draft leasing contract on market terms based on the requirements of your company.

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Tips on comparing leasing contracts for company cars

What additional charges can arise, such as for excess mileage, miscellaneous wear and damage?

In the case of operational leasing, the residual value is significantly more important for your monthly cost than the interest rate.

What does the operating agreement include and what is meant by “free tyres?” For example, do two finance companies have identical tyre agreements or are there restrictions in the fine print? Check what is included in the price.

Make sure to compare several cars that are representative of the company. Since financing companies assess residual value differently, it is good to obtain offers for several models.

Check in on your framework agreement now and then – the vehicle market is constantly developing. Today’s price is not necessarily as good as in a year’s time. This makes it a good idea to review the cars you lease under your framework agreement and keep an eye out for recalculation.

Why Leasify?​

Negotiate leasing and rental contracts through Leasify’s authorized market-leading suppliers. Leasify is a resource-efficient service that helps companies present clear and transparent offers. All starting from your specific terms and needs.

Compare suppliers

Leasify matches your needs with transparent offers from different suppliers. They contain contract term, interest rate, monthly cost, and residual value. All to make it easier to compare.

Lease from the market's leading suppliers

Lease new products and services from market-leading providers with dependable references. Leasify makes the procurement process easy. We bring you the offers, and you make the decisions.

Organise your contracts digitally

Compile all of the company’s contracts in Leasify’s smart contract folder. Leasify runs a cost analysis of your contracts, highlights deficiencies and gives you control.

Questions & answers on business leasing of cars

What does “company car” mean?

Put simply, the term “company car” is used when the car or vehicle is owned or leased by a company but used by employees. For an employee with a company car that is only intended to be used for his or her work, i.e., not for private use, no taxation of benefits will apply.

Purchase or lease a car through the company?

Is leasing through your company an option for you? Or perhaps you might be thinking that the company should buy the car instead? Here we have summarised a number of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the differences between leasing and buying a car for the company.

The advantage of business leasing is that it makes for very easy management. You do not make any cash down payment and therefore do not need to “save up”; you usually just pay a fixed fee every month. The price often includes insurance and any servicing. With Leasify you can easily compare offers from leading providers in the automotive industry so that you can be sure of securing the best agreement.

The potential disadvantages of leasing company cars may be signing a contract without closely reading it to understand what actually is included and not. For example, it can be expensive and difficult if you want to cancel an agreement early, so you have to keep a close eye on what you are agreeing to when signing the contract. It is also worth bearing in mind that the car, once the contract period is over, must not have been subjected to more wear than what can be considered “normal”, and this is something determined by the company from which you leased the vehicle.

Leasing electric cars or hybrid cars for your company?

Consumer demand and technological advances have made electric cars increasingly prevalent on the road. And naturally it is possible to lease either electric cars or hybrid cars through business leasing.

All you have to do is find the model of car you are interested in leasing for the company. Then get in touch with us at Leasify, and we will have authorised banks and financing companies give you their best offers on leasing contracts. This makes it easy for you to compare the agreement and see what suits you and your company.

Business leasing of used cars

Several banks and financing companies that Leasify works with have a large selection of used cars previously leased by other companies. The bank or leasing company often has the car’s full history, since in most cases they have owned the car since it rolled off the assembly line.

Leasing used cars does offer some advantages to the company. For example, it can be easier to get a shorter contract, whereas the standard lease term for new cars is usually around three years. As a general rule these cars are usually in good condition, as they usually have not been in use for more than a few years.

Returning a leased car early/Buying out a leased car early

When leasing a car, the most common arrangement is to return the car to the leasing company after the contract period. But you may also be offered to purchase the car at a cost determined by the leasing provider. There is also the option of buying out the car early, but in addition to paying market price, you will probably also have to pay the monthly cost that remained on the contract. But contact your leasing provider to see their policy.

Car leasing companies

In Sweden there are many companies that offer you and your company the option to lease cars through them. You request offers on the model of car you want from the car dealer. Then Leasify will help you with a draft leasing contract on market terms based on your needs.

Returning leased cars early

A leasing contract normally cannot be cancelled before the contract period has expired. If this is an option, it must be done in agreement with the company you have concluded the leasing contract with. But you must then count on the fact that there is usually a buy-out sum that you must pay to the leasing provider.

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