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Good coffee at work is a must - but at the right price

We can all agree that a little enjoyment at work is a necessity. That’s also why coffee machines or coffee dispensers are one of the most common products that companies rent or lease. This can be either a coffee machine in the lunch room or a larger coffee dispenser in the lobby.

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Company coffee machines

Java, espresso, cappuccino, filter coffee – it goes by many names and tastes. And when it comes to coffee, we all have our own preferences. Fortunately, technological advances in today’s coffee machines make it possible to satisfy everyone’s needs with one coffee machine.

But are you worried about complications, or what happens if the coffee machine stops working? You don’t need to be when you lease the coffee machine with a good service contract.

With Leasify you get independent guidance and transparent contracts that you can compare – which means that you get the contract that works for you.

Of course, you are willing to pay for a good cup of coffee – but at Leasify we help make sure you don’t need to pay unnecessary fees, something that hardly makes your morning brew taste any better.

Why Leasify?​

Negotiate leasing and rental contracts through Leasify’s authorized market-leading suppliers. Leasify is a resource-efficient service that helps companies present clear and transparent offers. All starting from your specific terms and needs.

Compare suppliers

Leasify matches your needs with transparent offers from different suppliers. They contain contract term, interest rate, monthly cost, and residual value. All to make it easier to compare.

Lease from the market's leading suppliers

Lease new products and services from market-leading providers with dependable references. Leasify makes the procurement process easy. We bring you the offers, and you make the decisions.

Organise your contracts digitally

Compile all of the company’s contracts in Leasify’s smart contract folder. Leasify runs a cost analysis of your contracts, highlights deficiencies and gives you control.

Questions & answers about leasing and renting coffee machines

Lease company coffee machines

The main advantage of leasing a company coffee machine is that you don’t need to pay out a large lump sum all at once. By leasing coffee machines you pay a monthly fee and are usually offered a buy-out option for the coffee machine at the end of the contract period. The longer the rental/leasing period, the lower the monthly fee tends to be. Coffee machine lease agreements often include option packages that include servicing and other services. Always check what’s included from the dealer you are interested in – then Leasify will help you with the contract.

Is it better to buy a coffee machine for the office?

Buying a coffee machine instead of leasing one obviously means that the coffee machine becomes company property. And if you already know that you will want to have an exact model coffee machine for more than three years, then buying one can be economically advantageous. But say that the company expands and additional coffee machines are needed- then it can be easier to lease and thus get better offers and pay on a monthly basis instead of tying up capital in equipment.

Multiple coffee machines for the office?

A good rule of thumb is to consider your employees’ needs before you decide on the model and quantity of coffee machines you want to lease. For larger companies, it can of course be better to have a few coffee machines, especially if you are working on different floors. So the first step is to review your requirements.

Questions that can be asked before you decide on a type of coffee machine can include: How many employees do you have? How many cups are consumed per day on average? Do you usually have customers on site expecting coffee? What types of coffee should there be?

Renting coffee machines?

Leasing is a mixture of long-term rental and credit purchase, and in purely legal terms is considered “renting”. The biggest advantage of renting or leasing a coffee machine for your company is that you do not have to pay a large lump sum for the coffee machine. Once the contract expires, you can easily switch the coffee machine out for a new and more modern one.

Service for leased coffee machines

Most retailers and suppliers offer service contracts that you agree on. This might be anything from free service at any time to service visits limited to a few times a year. But we want to stress the importance of truly reading through the service contract with the dealer, so that there are no question marks if the coffee machine should suddenly malfunction.

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