Leasify's privacy policy

For us at Leasify, it is important that the information we save about our customers is processed correctly.

Our privacy policy describes how Leasify AB processes information that we use as part of our service. With this policy, we want to specify what types of personal data and company information we process. And how you can contact us if you have any questions about use of this data.

Our view on updated privacy protection

A description of how and why we save the company and personal data follows below.

Data from you as a customer

When you create the smart contract folder

Personal data: Name, email address, telephone number.
Company information: Company name, corporate registration number, telephone number, address, post code, municipality, email address.
Leasing and rental contracts: Information on the specific contract is saved; if the contracts contain a personal guarantee, the name and personal identity number of the person serving as guarantor in the contract is also included.
Purpose of processing: We collect the information necessary to enable us to provide our service for audit and contract analysis.
Storage period: We store the information as long as it is required to provide our service.

When you start a procurement

Personal data: Name, email address, telephone number; if the procurement involves finance arrangements, personal identity number and a copy of identity documents are also processed.
Company information: Company name, company registration number, telephone number, address, post code, municipality, email address.
Requirement specifications: Information on the company’s requirements for investments on which the procurement is based
Purpose of processing: Collect information regarding the company’s investment needs so Leasify can procure the requested equipment.
Storage period: We store the data as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose of our service.


Who company and personal data can be shared with

Leasify works with equipment suppliers and banks/credit market companies. This means that our business parties may process your company and personal data. We serve as the data processor for our business partners, and process personal data according to their respective instructions.

Where the information is processed

All information collected is processed and stored within the EU.

By continuing to use Leasify.se or clicking "Accept", you accept that Leasify collects cookie data from your device to improve the experience for you as a user and from an analysis perspective. If you want to know more, read Leasify's privacy policy.