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Demo – IFRS 16 & FRS 100 accounting

Take control over the company’s IFRS 16 and/or FRS 100 reporting. Book an appointment today so we can show you how it could work for you.

Financing – Leasing

Don’t buy — lease!
Our independent experts help you compare banks and finance companies. Book the next available appointment with us and we will help you take the next step toward finding the best financing solution for you.

Procurement – Products & Services

With Leasify you can be confident that you and your company are signing the best lease contract available based on your needs.

Expert Help IFRS 16 & FRS 100

Book an appointment with our experts for advice on IFRS 16 or FRS 100 for leases. Consulting fees may be applicable on the agreed terms.


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Guide K3

Ladda ner vår guide till korrekt K3-redovisning

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